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Focus On: Grimm's

Focus On: Grimm's

Alexis Ralphs Apr 18 • 7 min read
Stylish and colourful, Grimm's toys are all handmade and have a beautiful texture that makes them very tactile and easy to play and build with.

We love Grimm’s. This small German toymaker, based in Hochdorf, produces the kind of wooden toys that every parent is happy to have around the house. Stylish and colourful, they are all handmade and have a beautiful texture that makes them very tactile and easy to play and build with.

Grimm's Numbers and Figures for Counting

Grimm's Numbers seen here with Figures for Counting and Storytelling are a great combination for bringing maths to life.


Everything is treated with natural oils meaning they’re completely safe for little mouths and hands. More than this, they’re thoughtfully researched and designed with versatility and durability. In our opinion, Grimm’s very much leads the field when it comes to open-ended play.


Grimm's Counting to 100

Grimm's Counting to 100 is a great introduction to the 100 square, which reinforces the understanding of tens and units.


These are our top three Grimm’s buys:

Rainbow Friends

Grimm's Rainbow Friends


It’s hard to believe a child will engage with these, but at around 18-months, a light goes on and children fall in love them. Line them up, put them on the bus, make them dance. They can be anyone from shopkeepers or pirates, to babies or ghosts. 

Doll’s House

Grimm's Doll's House

Achingly simple and plain, this Doll’s House is the polar opposite of all the pink mansions and play houses out there, and so much more versatile. It can be a hospital one day, a hobbit hole the next. All that’s required is imagination.

Four Elements

Whimsical and abstract, this beautiful set offers many play possibilities. The four elements of earth, air, fire, water can be arranged to create caves, rainbows, fires and wavy seas. They can also be broken up and used in constructions or to form enclosures or doorways. Looks nifty on the shelf, too.

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