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A world in a box with a shoebox diorama

A world in a box with a shoebox diorama

Alexis Ralphs Aug 21 • 7 min read

Have you ever made a shoebox diorama?

The idea is so simple.

Take a shoebox (or other suitably-sized box) and decorate the inside like a theatre set.

Then just fill it with figures and start playing. A whole world in a portable box. Great for rainy days and travel days. Making it is as much fun as playing in it. And once the bug bites, you'll find you are creating boxes for all kinds of stories. You can even cut slits in the side for sliding figures and scenery. The only limit is your imagination.

From our #fewerbettertoys series, where we look at ways to get more play value from the toys you already have.

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