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An Introduction to Grimm's Toys

An Introduction to Grimm's Toys

The inimitable Grimm's Large Rainbow

Starting a Grimm's collection can be both exciting and bewildering. There are so many toys to choose from, and so many colours. Do you choose rainbow colours (also known as 'brights') or pastel, natural or monochrome? We have put together a quick visual guide to the most common first purchases. Start with a rainbow, of course, and then Rainbow Friends. After that, it depends on the direction you'd like to take. What is your child interested in? Building, vehicles, story-telling? 

Grimm's rainbow friends and giant building blocks

The ever-popular Grimm's Rainbow Friends, seen here trooping through an arch built using the Grimm's Giant Building Blocks.

Grimm's coloured cars and four elements

Grimm's Coloured Cars bring movement to any scene and transform static blocks into a living world. Seen here with the 'rainbow' from the Grimm's Large Four Elements set.

Grimm's Mixed Forest and Rainbow Friends

Adding a small set like the Grimm's Mixed Forest greatly increases the potential for small-world play and story-telling.

Grimm's giant building blocks and wooden gems

Grimm's Giant Building Blocks lend themselves to bold constructions. And you can combine the Grimm's Wooden Gems and Large Bobbins for ready-made trees.

Grimm's pastel rainbow

If you find the 'brights' too bright, how about the pastel range? The immensely popular pastel rainbow is part of a large family of toys in calm, pretty colours.

Grimm's rainbow semicircles

Grimm's Rainbow Semicircles can be combined with a Large Rainbow to create soaring towers by enabling you to stack the rainbow's arches on their sides. Build anything from a small cave to a twelve-storey skyscraper.

Grimm's Large Bobbins

Much more than just a threading game, the Large Bobbins can be used as bases for pillars, statues or even as trunks for trees.



We hope you found this guide useful. We will be adding more detail over the coming weeks.

July 15, 2017 by Alexis Ralphs

An Introduction to Grimm's Toys

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