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Day 15 - Fewer toys = more focus

Day 15 - Fewer toys = more focus

Alexis Ralphs Sep 15 • 7 min read

I bet you've heard us say this one before: children have too many toys.

Too many toys means too much choice. Too many toys means too much mess. Children can't focus on on the task at hand. They flit from one activity to another, never sticking with anything long enough to deepen their understanding.

The answer?

Offer more opportunities for exploration. Cut down distractions. Present one interesting activity at a time. Better still, let your child create their own fun. They know where all the interesting bits are at home. The drawer full of string and ribbons, the cupboard where they can find an old shoe box.

Embrace boredom.

Don't give in at the first signs of rebellion. Tough it out. In the long run, you're making life easier for yourself. You are bringing up a confident, creative self-starter. Someone who will thrive in the 21st Century, where there are no jobs for life, where reinvention has become the norm.

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