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Day 30 - Play

Day 30 - Play

Alexis Ralphs Sep 01 • 7 min read

We've reached the end.

30 days of theory, and - I hope - some practical ideas too.

I hope you've seen that under fives can pick up all the skills they'll need for school and for life without any formal instruction. They learn through play. A good school is brilliant fun, but it's a different adventure; early childhood is the time for open-ended exploration and discovery. Children will never have those long, uninterrupted stretches of time ever again.

If you take one thing from this series it's this: make time for play. Let it stretch out. Give it room. And don't be afraid of boredom. It's creativity's best friend.

The challenge was a bit of an experiment. The posts were in a fairly random order and there's so much to learn about child development that it could have been 300 days or even 3000.

I'd love to know what you found useful. Are there any ideas you'd like me to expand on or topics you wish were included? This series will go up on the site and I can include your suggestions there.

Thank you for joining me this month.


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