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Do schools kill creativity?

Do schools kill creativity?

Alexis Ralphs Jan 29 • 7 min read

Many children, who may be brilliant, grow up thinking they are not because the school system does not recognise their strengths. Not only is this approach damaging to our children, but it is not fit for purpose in the modern world. 

Today's education system has its roots in fulfilling the needs of the 19th century's industrialists. The focus is on a few academic subjects. Factories needed workers and the requirements were basic: literacy, numeracy and obedience. There was no room for creativity.

But what if your child loves to build with blocks? Or devises ingenious experiments? Or has a talent for drawing? As adults we can see where these skills might lead, but they are harder to spot and to celebrate in a school setting.

And league tables make things worse. For schools, results are everything. And the the results that matter are maths and English.

Does your child have any non-academic interests? What could you do to foster them?

Where could it all lead?

When we value their interests, children thrive.

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