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Follow the seasons with a nature table

Follow the seasons with a nature table

Alexis Ralphs Aug 21 • 7 min read

Have you ever created a nature table?

It's such a simple idea. Set aside a surface in your house to display natural objects you have gathered on your walks. Stones and bark, pine cones and flowers, anything will do. Just make sure it's interesting or beautiful, which is easy, of course, as most things in nature are usually both.

If you can, try to refresh it regularly. Making a nature table is rewarding in itself, but watching as its contents change throughout the year is a wonderful way to mark - and draw a child's attention to - the passing of the seasons.

And don't forget to leave a magnifying glass nearby. Much in nature is so familiar that it's easy to take for granted. Get up close, you might discover something new.

The nature table is often a jumping-off point for all kinds of investigations and creations. Simply having one in the home will inspire new kinds of play. It's especially good for transient art (more on this in an upcoming post).

Could you start a nature table this weekend? What would you include?
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