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Going to nursery vs. staying at home

Going to nursery vs. staying at home

Alexis Ralphs Sep 13 • 7 min read

Research suggests that high-quality early years education is good for all children, regardless of the family's income or social background. And the benefits last into adulthood.

Some children benefit from going to nursery because the alternative is to be at home, where their needs are not being met. For the rest, it's simply the case that a well-run pre-school offers a richness of experience that is hard to replicate at home (although that doesn’t mean children should go for five days a week).

That's not to say that it can't be done, only that parents need the time, resources and dedication to make it happen.

How do your skills measure up? Do you feel you have the knowledge it takes to offer a full range of learning opportunities at home?

For inspiration, why not take a look at The 100? It's our guide to the toys, games and fun things-to-do that we believe all pre-schoolers should experience.

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