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How many toys does a baby need?

How many toys does a baby need?

Alexis Ralphs Aug 21 • 7 min read
What should you give your baby in her first year?

Can you tell the difference between big and small?

Of course you can.

But your baby is less sure. She's less sure about red and yellow, too. And bumpy and smooth. And a thousand other things.

Your job is to help her notice these differences, to understand them and to label them with words.

You don't need toys for this. A treasure basket full of bits and pieces you find round the house is good enough for any six-month-old.

If you do choose a toy, a set of simple peg people or some colourful blocks is plenty.

A baby's first year is about exploring with all her senses. Toys have their place. But they can wait.

This post is part of our #fewerbettertoys series, where we look at ways to get maximum play value out of as few toys as possible.⁣

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