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How many toys does your child need?

How many toys does your child need?

Alexis Ralphs Apr 27 • 7 min read

There's lots of evidence that too many toys can be an impediment to play. Too much choice leads to confusion. Much better to have less and use your creativity to fill in the gaps.

Some? Yes. But not as many as they currently have, almost certainly.

This new illustrated series - I have a pencil for my iPad! And I can't draw, as you can see :) - will focus on one of our core principles: fewer, better toys

As you probably know, I'm not a fan of prescriptive, Pinterest-friendly activities. It's better to give children the materials and let them make their own discoveries - though the occasional hint is not against the rules ;)

This new series looks at ways of getting more play value out of the toys you already have.

A simple one to start with:

You don't need lots of props.

In the 100 Toys house, we love creating small worlds with all the blocks, figures and fabric we have at our disposal, but the craft box can be a simpler - and much cheaper - alternative. Draw a scene on a big sheet of paper or on the inside of a cardboard box. You have a ready-made world. A couple of vehicles or figures and you're away. For more inspiration, see our blog post: 3 Goodies and a Baddie.

It can be disposable, or something you return to over many days. It's up to you. And the best thing is, you won't feel any guilt when your child has finally finished with it. None of the bin/loft/charity shop dilemmas that you would face with a 'real' toy.

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