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How to choose a school for your child

How to choose a school for your child

Alexis Ralphs Aug 25 • 7 min read
Have you thought about which school to send your child to? Did you turn to the league tables for guidance?

The pressure on schools to maintain or improve their position in the league tables creates an intolerable pressure to achieve results.

Teachers sometimes even cheat to improve test scores.

In that context, what do the league tables really mean? Can you trust them? Can they tell you what kind of experience your child will have? Even if you could trust the tables, a school is about so much more than results. Is it supportive? Inclusive? What are the other families like? Do they value education as much as you do? Does the headteacher emphasise results or focus on the whole child? Which of the two do you value?

It's not enough to find a good school. You have to find the right one.

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