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Moulin Roty Alluring Dame

Moulin Roty Gift Guide

Oct 20, 2020 • 7 min read
Introducing the magical kingdom of Moulin Roty, where rag dolls, shadow puppets and soft toys inspire imagination and storytelling.

Moulin Roty’s range of traditional puppets and rag dolls inspire imaginative play and bring story time to life

Rural roots

French toymaking co-operative Moulin Roty was founded in the 1970s by a commune of creative, counter-culture parents in rural France. While the brand has since become a global name, an endearing spirit of innocence and simplicity lives on in Moulin Roty’s toys.

Moulin Roty Little Red Riding Hood and Gentleman Wolf

Little Red Riding Hood and the Gentleman Wolf

Inspiring imagination

Moulin Roty toys include a range of playful rag dolls and hand puppets. Some dolls and puppets are inspired by classic, well-loved fairytales such as Red Riding Hood. Others are characters with their own unique personalities, such as Gaspard the fox and Walter the dog. These toys give children the tools they need to create their own stories and adventures, or to act out the fairytales they read at home. Soft and loveable with intricate detailing, they become lifelong friends for children as they share adventures together.

Moulin Roty Puppets

Puppets add a new dimension to play, encouraging speech and story-telling.

Tradition with a twist

Moulin Roty’s range of shadow puppets are a modern take on this traditional toy, using simple light and shade to project shapes onto a wall or screen. Dinosaurs and monsters, princesses and dragons are all brought to life with these wonderfully simple kits, providing a magical way to make stories together, while also developing imagination and hand-eye co-ordination. Themes of good versus bad make them especially loved by younger children, who feel re-assured by the triumph of virtue over evil. Marbles, tea sets and other traditional toys such as a flower press and jumbo chalks for outdoor artwork complete Moulin Roty’s range of nostalgic toys remodelled for a new generation.

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