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How many toys does a baby need?

How many toys does a baby need?

Answer: 0

Especially in your baby's first few months, you are the only toy they need. Rattles can't be grasped yet, soft toys aren't stroked and travel toys aren't reached for. The sound of your voice and the gentle back-and-forth of eye contact, giggles and playful touches are all that's required.

That's why you are the number one 'toy' in The 100. In fact, most of the entries in The 100 aren't toys at all. Play is about so much more than the latest gadget. Even classics like wooden blocks and figures are optional extras.

With the attention of an interested adult (or child) and enough time and space to explore the world, a baby needs very few, if any, toys.

Next time you're tempted to reach for a toy, scoop up your baby and sing a nursery rhyme or play peekaboo instead.

You're the best.

August 22, 2018 By Alexis Ralphs
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