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39. Threading

Jan 21, 2022 • 7 min read
39. Threading
Threading is a lovely way to help children understand all sorts of concepts, from colour and size to shape and materials.

Threading is deceptively simple. Find some beads, buttons or bobbins, or lace up a shoe or threading toy.

But take a moment to consider the skills required.

  • Pincer and/or tripod grip to hold the beads and the lace.
  • Bilateral co-ordination (using both hands together) to steady the lace whilst threading the bead.
  • Selecting the right bead to make a pattern, which is a form of early maths.
  • Patience, perseverance and focus.

Master these and starting school seems a whole lot less daunting.

Or, of course, you could just make a necklace for the fun of it.


I'm Alexis, father of four and founder of One Hundred Toys. I taught in London primary schools for thirteen years, specialising in the early years. Now I write about all things play here on the blog. Read more

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