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Cocoletes make beautifully hand-crafted, classic wooden toys and games. This Spanish brand, founded by two young parents after the arrival of their first baby, harnesses the natural properties of indigenous woods such as juniper and alder, and showcases the bold natural colours and patterns of the grain. Stimulation of the senses through the aroma, texture and visual appearance of the toys is a big part of the Cocoletes experience.

Cocoletes toys in the One Hundred Toys collection range from simple 4-piece puzzles for the smallest hands, to sets of uneven building blocks, a ‘mountain’ stacker toy and a Jenga-style game which requires precision and nerve to win - all with the distinctive Cocoletes natural wood grain and colours.

Through the classic games underpinning the Cocoletes brand, children develop key pre-school skills, from fine-motor strength and precision, to focus and determination. Thanks to their quality and timeless appeal, you’ll find your Cocoletes toys continue to appear in their imaginative and small-world games as they get older.

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