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Crayon Rocks

Crayon Rocks encourage the correct pencil grip, building strength and co-ordination in the hand muscles that will later be used for writing. Their unique size and shape means that there is only one way for small hands to hold them, with thumb, first and second fingers in a tripod grip. 

They were developed by a special-needs teacher who recognised how important it is for young children to develop a strong tripod grip as a foundation for handwriting. She saw that the long, thin profile of regular pencils and crayons doesn’t lend itself well to the natural shape and strength of small hands; children can’t hold them easily in a closed fist. They are also more susceptible to breaking. So she set out to create an alternative. 

As well as the physical preparation they offer, their fun shape and reliably pleasing results means they also boost confidence in young children with special needs or who struggle to get to grips with regular crayons and pencils.

Crayon Rocks are made from soft Kosher soy wax and natural mineral colours, which makes  them glide easily onto the page and gives a pleasing depth and strength of colour to your child’s drawings. The colours can also be easily blended.

Crayon Rocks are an important part of our range of quality art and drawing materials for children. We’re firm believers in setting young artists up for success and creating positive experiences around pens and pencils - giving them confidence with these often rather tricky implements when they start school.

In our range you’ll find small muslin bags containing 16 Crayon Rocks (great for gifts), larger boxes of 16 Crayon Rocks, and Pebble People sets containing rocks in natural skin, hair and eye tones - ideal for producing realistic portraits.



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