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Grimm's is a German toy maker producing handcrafted wooden toys with an emphasis on free and open-ended play. Popular products include rainbow stackers, wooden blocks and puzzles, and ‘friends’ peg dolls, all of which can be played with by the child in any number of ways, encouraging imagination and self-direction in their games.

Grimm’s products are all individually handmade using sustainable hardwoods, with non-toxic colour stains which penetrate the wood, rather than coat its surface. The result is a matt finish in which the wood’s grain is visible and gives Grimm’s toys their own uniquely tactile surface. Many Grimm’s toys come in bright and cheery, rainbow colours. But there are also many is soft, muted pastel shades and in the natural hues of wood.

The Grimm’s range at 100 Toys is extensive, and includes a large selection of wooden toys for babies including graspers, feeding necklaces and wooden rattles featuring semi-precious stones. Building blocks and architecturally-inspired construction sets are complemented by a number of stacker toys. This includes the iconic large rainbow stacker, a series of arcs in rainbow colours, and other irregularly-shaped stackers such as earth, fire and water. Sets of friends peg dolls, wooden racing cars and sailing boats also provide children with the props they need years of open-ended play.

All Grimm's toys are sturdy and well-made individually by hand. The natural finish makes the construction and stackers toys especially effective as they have a natural grip and don't slip against each other. Grimm’s packaging is also fully recyclable and can be transformed for use at playtime, turning the box into a theatre for little figures.

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