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Just Blocks

Just Blocks are ingenious. A cube, a cuboid, a flat square, a flat rectangle and that's it. Four types of shape. Their appeal, and their challenge, lies in their simplicity. There is no paint or colour, and no fixed outcome or rules about what you can make with Just Blocks. 

In the apparent lack of anything extra, children must invent, imagine, adapt and create to get the most from the blocks. Planning, mathematical thinking and imagination are all stimulated and developed through this kind of pure, open-ended play.

Just Blocks are handmade in Poland from unbleached and untreated beech wood. Each set comes in a sturdy cardboard box that can also be incorporated into your building and construction games. Sets in the 100 Toys range include the entry-level small (74 pieces), medium sized ‘city pack’ (166 pieces) and the comprehensive big pack with 336 pieces. 

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