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Kaden make unique wooden building blocks with built-in tracks for marbles and balls. The brand was created in Germany in 1994 by Professor Gerd Kaden and his son Matthias Kaden, whose shared passion for wood and design inspired them to found their own specialised building system for children. The built-in ball tracks give these blocks a thrilling extra dimension, challenging young constructors not only to balance and build but to find routes through their structures for their marbles. As children become more adept at this way of building, add-on features can bring new levels and challenges to their play.

Kaden blocks in the One Hundred Toys range include small entry-level sets and larger sets in handy wooden boxes. Waves, bridges and multi-level sets can all be used independently or mixed up with other Kaden blocks to create unique structures, and you can add in extra exciting features such as spirals and traverses. For the experienced builder the Four Ways 100-piece kit is a four-floor challenge. Whichever set you are building with, the individually shaped blocks are all designed to connect with every other block so your marbles run through, turn corners, spin around and speed down levels.

Playing with Kaden, children are engaged in the essentials of engineering and maths, solving problems and testing hypotheses. They are also inspired to create, envisioning their own structures and persevering until eventually they can make it work. Fine-motor, spatial awareness, and hand-eye coordination are also engaged, making Kaden just about one of the best open-ended toys we’ve come across.

Please note all our Kaden toys are the small size which is suitable for children over 3. We do not currently stock large or medium.

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