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Lyra make high-quality, ergonomically superior colouring pencils. Lyra’s pencils have a distinct, triangular profile which young children find easier to hold than regular pens and pencils. And their colours are made from highly-pigmented, natural waxes, which glide onto the page easily, making the drawing experience reliably satisfying. The thick, chunky pencils are comfortable for small hands to hold and thanks to their sturdy profile, almost entirely break-proof. 

The Lyra range includes Ferby and Super Ferby (thicker) pencils in bright colours and sets of six or 12. There’s also sets of six and 12 Ferby and Super Ferby Waldorf pencils, with colours that have been specially chosen by Waldorf specialists for their natural tones. Lyra also make a set of pencils in natural skin tones, allowing children to accurately reflect their friends, families and communities in their drawings.

Lyra is one of the oldest manufacturers of pencils in the world, having been first registered in Germany in 1868. Now the company, which is still based in Germany, manufactures around 1m pencils a week, making their pencils some of the most popular and widely used in the world.

At 100 Toys we believe in giving children access to the best quality art materials possible. Too often pencils break, paints dry up, drawings don’t manifest in the way children imagine. The disappointment that comes with poor materials can be disheartening. We think Lyra make the best pencils for young children and that’s why we sell them.

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