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MakeDo is an open-ended construction system comprising a series of simple, safe and easy to use tools and one of the world’s most freely available and recyclable materials: cardboard. This ingenious Australian brand is designed to get children thinking and moving on their feet, experimenting, hypothesising and creating. Their play is fuelled by imagination and determination, results can often be unexpected, but it’s the learning by doing that engages young constructors.

MakeDo products in the One Hundred Toys range include single tools for just one or two makers such as safe-saws and screwdrivers, to giant multi-packs for large groups to work with. From the smallest robot to a giant outdoor castle, any kind of construction is possible. Tools include multi-tools and fold rollers to perforate and manipulate the cardboard, as well as safe-saws to cut through boards of all thickness and screws and screwdrivers to create joins and hinges.

MakeDo is great to use at home with the family or in larger groups such as classes or even birthday parties or after school groups. Working with cardboard encourages children to think about re-purposing and upcycling, and once creations are made there is plenty of scope for further creativity with painting and decorating, and of course then using their creation in games and imaginative play - the ultimate in open-ended play.

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