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Manhattan Toy Company

New York’s Manhattan Toy Company has been a pioneer of developmental toys for babies for over 40 years. Their iconic range includes cot mobiles, play mats, soft toys, rattles, graspers, soothers and pram books and toys. Manhattan Toys have a distinct look and feel, with bold bright colours and a strong emphasis on high-contrast black and white imagery, designed to stimulate babies’ developing senses and promote motor skills.

The Manhattan Toy Company’s Whoozit character is a perennial favourite who appears on many of their rattles, pram toys, mobiles and books. This cheerful, smiling face is an assuring and amusing friend for babies, and the bright colours, black and white ribbons, rattles and bells that come with Whoozit toys keep them enchanted during long journeys or on the play mat at home. Toys  for older babies like the skwish and the winkel give them plenty to grasp and shake, pull and puzzle over, while play mats and pram books filled with interesting sounds and shapes are always well-loved.

Manhattan Toys are backed by years or research and we love that their distinctive look is entirely led by babies’ needs, not design trends or contemporary aesthetics. All Manhattan Toys are produced to exceptionally high standards in strong materials that will stand the test of family life. They make a great gift for a newborn.  

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