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**Coming Soon - Early October 2019**

Mokulock is an award-winning Japanese company which takes the best of Lego-style brick building and gives it an ethical, natural reboot. Small wooden blocks with interlocking nodules are carved from a series of untreated Japanese woods giving the blocks all the texture, appearance and aroma of natural wood with all the practical building possibilities of a Lego-style system. Construction with interlocking bricks develops fine-motor precision and hand-eye co-ordination as well as an early understanding of balance and resistance. 

Mokulock sets in the One Hundred Toys range include sets of 28, 34 and 48-piece sets, some with additional eye stickers which can be used to bring creations to life. Larger Tsumiki blocks are perfect for very young children to grip and build with before they are ready for the more precise requirements of the classic bricks. 

Mokulock bricks are made using offcuts from forest maintenance projects in the Japanese prefecture of Yamagata. Its makers believe in the comforting and multi-sensual properties of the woods they use, adding to the experience of playing with Mokulock.

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