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Ostheimer make handcrafted wooden toys and figures to play with and keep. The simple, traditionally-carved and painted animals, people and toys allow children to immerse themselves in their own imagined worlds, inventing stories and games around these beautifully made characters and settings.

Germany-based Ostheimer has been making wooden toys for over 70 years, and their toys still toys possess an innocence and a sense of nostalgia which makes them visually distinct from many contemporary toys. Whether it’s knights and angels, a pack of wolves, or a wooden Noah’s ark, each toy is unique, with its own facial expression or natural tones. The pared-back Ostheimer aesthetic is re-assuring and appeals to young minds, allowing them to re-enact fairy tales and traditional stories of courage and love, good versus evil, themes which are an important part of their social and emotional development.  

The solid, natural wood figures and toys are sturdy enough to pass down through families and generations. They are all stained with non-toxic colours that let the wood’s natural surface shine through and gives them a distinctive natural texture.

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