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Tender Leaf Toys

Tender Leaf Toys is a range of simple wooden toys, created by the award-winning British toy designer Danielle Hanson, that combines all the warmth and nostalgia of traditional wooden toys with a contemporary ethos and commitment to learning and development.

There’s an emphasis on small-world play in our Tender Leaf Toys collection, with a number of small-world settings such as doll’s houses, barns, castles and printed playmats. There are also plenty of stacking and matching toys that help children develop fine-motor skills, mathematical thinking and logic. Other toys like play figures, baby walkers and simple wooden puzzles are all presented in a rainbow of bright but subtle colours, on themes such as gardens, animals and nature, all designed to help your child consolidate everything they are learning about the world around them. 

Each Tender Leaf Toys product is handcrafted by skilled toymakers from sustainable Indonesian rubberwood. Colors and illustrations are applied with earth-friendly inks and packaging is mindful of waste and where possible, plastic-free. 



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