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If you’re looking for a wobble board for children or you’re interested in how wobble boards work, welcome to our new collection of wooden boards from Wobbel. 

This Dutch company, set up by parents Hannelore Blauw and Wouter Haine, has created a range of simple and stylish wooden balance boards that can be used by the smallest babies (under supervision) through to big children and adults. 

Wobbel boards are based on the simple concept of balance, acting almost like a personal see-saw for children to stand or wobble on. The strength and skills required to master the board, build physical and spatial awareness and balance, in a fun and playful way that children love. 

When they’re not wobbling on the board, the elegant curved shape can become part of their play in many different ways. From a ramp or bridge for cars and vehicles, to a mountain in a small-world or a park bench or a boat in an imaginative game. It also makes a useful step at the sink or kitchen counter, and when flipped over it can be a gently rocking cradle for reading and quiet time.

And, because it’s made in natural, sturdy wood in a contemporary style, the Wobbel can be left out in your living room or play space, without the need to be packed away like a regular toy. We have Wobble Starter boards and Originals. Starters are perfect for smaller children up to 7 years old (or a weight of up to 100kg) while the Original is the all-rounder, suitable for use from birth up to adult size (200kg.)  Boards come in natural wood with a transparent finish, many come with felt backing on one side (in a range of subtle colours) for a softer wobble on wooden or hard floors.

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