Jugs and plastic bottles

Jugs and plastic bottles

Under-fives love playing with water, and for good reason. There is so much to learn, from understanding capacity and displacement to how liquid travels. As adults we know that a tall thin bottle may not hold as much liquid as a short, wide one. But for a preschooler, this is a real scientific discovery.

Bath time is therefore one big learning opportunity for children, and is why they usually enjoy it so much. The nuances of water’s flow seem infinite, so time spent splashing about is never wasted, and is of course enormous fun. Forget the bath toys, especially the plastic books. Bathtime is time for maths and science. Some empty shampoo bottles are all you need. Throw in a measuring jug, a funnel and perhaps even a short length of hose pipe for extra thrills and spills.

Tip: If you have a younger child, discovery bottles are yet another way to use your unwanted plastic.

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