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A guide to your child's fourth year

Toys for 4 - 5 year-olds

Toys play a key part in developing essential skills for school and beyond. They don't need to be fancy. In fact, the best ones are simple toys that stimulate your child's creativity and imagination

We have spent the last five years scouring the world for the best educational toys, tried and tested over time, and now loved by all our customers.

Choose your favourite, or go with our bundle for 4 - 5 year-olds, available here.

Activities for 4 - 5 year-olds

As much as we love toys, there are hundreds of free activities you can do with your child at home. Most of them require only what you're likely to have in the cupboard (or garden!) anyway.

Things like den-making, play food and a good old fashioned mud kitchen allow children to develop their innate creativity, make do with what's around, and take initiative to entertain themselves and learn.

Check out our free activities below, or see our Parent's Corner for tried and tested activities discussed by our customers.

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About 100 Toys

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  • Our much-loved toys are handpicked for their role in your child's development
  • Discover free activities to do with your child to help them grow
  • Developed by early years specialists and proud parents

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