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Babies don't need much

The most important thing you can give your baby is your time and attention. Provide a safe and interesting environment to explore, sing songs and play peekaboo. Toys should be simple, if you offer them at all: balls, bowls, boxes. This is a time for discovery.

  • You are your child's first teacher

    All your baby really needs in the first few months of their life is you.



    Your child's first teacher

  • The first year

    Babies don't need toys. An engaged adult (you!), the chance to move and some interesting materials to explore. That's it.
    Read our manifesto. 
  • Learning to see

    Newborns have very limited vision. The world is blurry and monochrome. Offer high-contrast, black-and-white objects to help sight develop.



    Help your baby notice the world around her

  • Investigate materials

    Reach, grasp, shake, mouth, cast aside. A six-month-old needs no toys. Fill a 'treasure basket' with everyday objects, sit back, relax and enjoy a nice cup of tea.


    A treasure basket

    Awaken the senses

  • Peekaboo!

    Memory takes time to develop, but you'll have lots of fun along the way.


    Object permanence

    To learn babies must remember

  • Get ready to walk

    Combine a year's worth of strength training and co-ordination to take those first steps.


    Gross motor skills

    Co-ordinate limbs and learn to sit, stand and crawl

The 100 Toys Method

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    Our introductory guide will help you declutter and get back to basics. 

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    Understand how children learn and the key changes they go through.

    The Age Guide
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    Introduce open-ended activities that encourage independent play.

    Independent Play

Want to understand more about learning and development?


Sometimes the best toys are the ones you make yourself.