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Going out into the world

By five, many children are out in the world, getting ready for school.

  • Do it through play

    Developing strength and co-ordination in the fingers is easy and fun. Try threading, washing-line games and play-dough.


    Fine motor control

    Get ready for writing

  • Gaining independence

    These are the years when our children go out into the world, to nursery and then eventually to school. They want to do things themselves, from putting on shoes to writing their name.
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  • Experience new things

    Rehearse real-life situations from the safety of the doll's house or the dressing-up box.


    Imaginative play

    Explore ideas and impulses without the consequences

  • Bring it all together

    Plan, cut out, orientate, connect. Whether it's junk-modelling, collage or clay, now's the time to show what you've learnt.



    Show off the full range of your pre-schooler skills

  • The power of drawing

    A stick man contains almost all the strokes you'll need for letter formation so keep it fun and focus on creative mark-making. Handwriting books can wait.



    More than just letters and numbers

  • Becoming independent

    Whether you're off to school or learning at home, there are certain key skills you'll need.


    Getting ready for life

    Learning to do it yourself

The 100 Toys Method

  • 1


    Our introductory guide will help you declutter and get back to basics. 

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  • 2


    Understand how children learn and the key changes they go through.

    The Age Guide
  • 3


    Introduce open-ended activities that encourage independent play.

    Independent Play

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