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  • Understand your toddler's play

    Toddlers are wired to explore. Help them make the discoveries that are essential to their developement

The discovery years

As they grow out of their babyhood and into a toddler, the activities and stimulus they encounter at home and out-and-about can have a huge impact on the way your child approaches life. Curiosity, determination, focus and an appetite for learning (and fun!) can all be fostered and developed at this flourishing time

  • Toddlers toddle

    It's time to master control of body and limbs, building a base for the fine-motor activities that come later.


    Gross motor development

    Build strength and precision

  • Time to explore

    As your child learns to separate from you, allow her the time and space to make her own discoveries. Toddlers are no different to adults: we all learn best when solving problems of our own choosing.
  • Little scientists

    Toddlers love to experiment. Whether it's destruction-testing a toy or endlessly repeating an action, it's how they make sense of the world.


    Heuristic play

    Make discoveries through exploration

  • It's good to talk

    If you only do one thing with your toddler, have a conversation.


    Language development

    From first words to conversation

  • Snap!

    The faster you can sort and identify something, the more quickly you understand it.


    Sorting and ordering

    Early maths that's easy and fun

  • Let them feel bored

    Make time for boredom. It fosters independence, creativity, motivation and resilience



    Entertainment is the enemy

The 100 Toys Method

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    Understand how children learn and the key changes they go through.

    The Age Guide
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    Introduce open-ended activities that encourage independent play.

    Independent Play

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