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Amy Fitzgerald

My name is Amy Fitzgerald. I am 36 years old and live on the Essex/Herts border. I am mama to a ten month old daughter and in my other life I am a lecturer. 

I originally trained in Education Studies and Sociology, with a specialism in early education, having worked exclusively in early years settings throughout my university education. I then moved on to teach in further and higher education after achieving a first class degree in Early Education and Development, followed by a PGCE in Teaching and Learning.

I teach a variety of topics to all ages from 16-19 school leavers, to adult learners returning to education. I teach education studies, childcare, developmental theory, sociology of education, international perspectives on education, play and learning, amongst many more on a similar theme. 

Prior to taking a maternity pause in my career, I was responsible for co-writing the early years degree programme I manage through the university of Hertfordshire. I became instrumental in negotiating the inclusion of a new unit surrounding wellbeing, alongside a revision to our international perspectives unit in order to foster tolerance and understanding of other cultures in early years, as we find our settings with more and more children from alternative cultural backgrounds. 

I have extensive knowledge and understanding of education, learning and development theory, child psychology and play theory. However, since becoming a parent to my little girl, I’ve been fortunate to see all of the textbook knowledge I have amassed, unfold in real time before my very eyes, and quite frankly, there is nothing more wonderful. I have a far greater understanding of the pressures on parents to provide resources, experiences and education. I find this quite daunting and I have 20 years experience in early education, so I can only imagine how daunting it can be for some parents who may not have this pre-existing knowledge base.

I have a keen interest in gender identities and stereotypes, equality and diversity in education, outdoor play/Forest schooling, and curiosity learning. 

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