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Dr. Helen Jones

Hi, I'm Helen. 

I'm a full time Director of Teaching and Learning in Art and, mostly importantly, a mum to a little girl. 

I have taught Art since 2010, after completing a BA Hons (First Class) in Fine Art and PGCE at the University of Chester.  My thirst for knowledge is never sated so I then completed an MA in Creativity for the Professions and completed my Education Doctorate, whilst teaching. Completing my doctorate was one of the proudest moments of my life but it has been more recently topped by getting married and giving birth to a beautiful little girl! 

I still regularly engage in my own art practice, painting and drawing is such a positive outlet for me. I love to flex my creative muscles and 'process life' through my art making.  I am also an avid reader and I love to keep fit by running - it is a wonderful de-stressor!  I am passionate about all things creative, art, and education. I truly believe creativity changes the world! I love the 100 toys website, so I feel very privileged to have my articles featured on it.

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