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  • You are your child's first teacher

    All your baby really needs in the first few months of their life is you.



    Your child's first teacher

  • The first year

    Babies don't need toys. An engaged adult (you!), the chance to move and some interesting materials to explore. That's it.
    Read our manifesto. 
  • Learning to see

    Newborns have very limited vision. The world is blurry and monochrome. Offer high-contrast, black-and-white objects to help sight develop.



    Help your baby notice the world around her

  • Investigate materials

    Reach, grasp, shake, mouth, cast aside. A six-month-old needs no toys. Fill a 'treasure basket' with everyday objects, sit back, relax and enjoy a nice cup of tea.



    Awaken the senses

  • Peekaboo!

    Memory takes time to develop, but you'll have lots of fun along the way.



    To learn babies must remember

  • Get ready to walk

    Combine a year's worth of strength training and co-ordination to take those first steps.


    Body Control

    Co-ordinate limbs and learn to sit, stand and crawl



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Are you a radical?

If you're a radical like us, you sometimes think about doing things completely differently. 100 Toys has always been about the learning that happens away from toys and planned activities, as well.

We've developed a low waste, toy-free road map for those seeking a greener life