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Boredom is one of the most important activities your toddler should engage in. The time children spend being bored is when the magic happens. The lack of stimulation and feelings of discontentment that come with being bored are what drives your child to find something to do - in other ways to self-direct. The less ‘entertainment’ that is served to them the more they are driven to imagine, create and build their own. Boredom is the pre-cursor to independent play, where your child is able to remain absorbed and direct their own activities for sustained periods of time. This helps them develop emotional resilience, enabling them to embrace moments of solitude rather than to fear separation. Like any activity you can schedule in bored time, and you can promote it by having fewer toys around the place, safe in the knowledge that you are boosting their imaginative play and creativity, as well as giving you a well-earned break. You yourself will need resilience, to battle through the cries of ‘I’m bored!’ But hang in there and you’ll reap the rewards.