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Fine Motor Control

As your toddler transitions to a pre-schooler and their gross motor skills are consolidated, their fine motor skills become stronger and more refined. Tripod grip is the hero move of the fine-motor range, with your child using their thumb, index and middle finger (like a tripod) to hold everything from cutlery and pencils to tea cups and sponges. Helping your child develop a good tripod grip will help them handle pencils and paintbrushes with greater ease, and develop general strength and fluidity of movement in their hands. Pincer grip is similar but slightly different with your child pressing together the index finger and thumb. It comes in handy for picking up small objects and pieces of finger food. Using both hands together is a surprisingly tricky move for your child to master but is essential for clapping, catching and more complex tasks like tying shoe laces. There are plenty of activities you can do at home to help your child develop strength and co-ordination in their fine-motor movements. Cutting out using scissors and colouring in pictures and shapes are both excellent ways to help them develop grip.

Tripod Grip 

Pincer Grip 

Using Both Hands Together 


Colouring In