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Gross-Motor Development

As they move from babyhood to toddlerhood, your child’s limbs and upper-body gain strength and co-ordination, allowing them to make the gross-motor movements that will eventually see them becoming independently mobile. Confident gross-motor movements are fundamental to their play and learning, allowing them to explore, socialise and master their physicality. Before they start most of their energy and focus will go into walking, with all the crawling and pushing off that they have done as a baby finally paying off. Once they are mobile, walking will very quickly break into running, which is like walking but faster and with a few more tumbles. Don’t be afraid to let them run, like adults they need to burn energy and move as much as possible. As they gain confidence and strength, they’ll want to jump, skip and hop, too. Jumping is great for increasing bone density in developing limbs and games that involve skipping and hopping are also great for developing balance and co-ordination. Before you know it they will be climbing, using arms and legs to scale everything from stairs to trees.