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Memory plays a big part in your baby’s learning journey, just as it does in yours. Mother nature helps us parents boost our baby’s memory skills without realising we are doing it. One of the ways this happens is the simple game of peek-a-boo. This age-old game, which seems to come to most of us almost instinctively,  is how many parents teach their baby about object permanence; the idea that something exists even though we cannot see it.  Many babies are delighted to discover this fact and are more than happy to laugh about it indefinitely. Once your baby knows that you are hiding, the joy of peek-a-boo becomes about anticipating when you're going to re-appear.  Object permanence is one of a number of important big ideas,from heuristic play to the proximal development zone, all of them backed up both science, that it’s worth knowing about in the early stages of your baby’s development. There are also games to play like Kim’s Game, spot the difference and other matching games. Getting a handle on them will help move your baby’s early days of play from passing the time,  to a new, engaged level of play with long-lasting impact.