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As your baby becomes accustomed to life outside the womb, you’ll find you naturally keep your baby close, with lots of attachment and cuddles, which help your baby feel secure. When you need to put them down a play mat and/or a baby gym are two useful things to have around and can both be used from birth. A play mat will help your baby begin to get a sense of the space around them. Rattles and graspers are helpful as items for developing audio skill as they learn to track sounds even when they can’t see them. You can also hang them and other interesting items like mirrors or bells from the baby gym. A good mobile over a cot or in the pram offers similar visual stimulation and helps them begin to discriminate one object from another. The key thing to remember is that there is no rush. Proponents of the fourth trimester believe the first few months of a baby’s life are a time for minimal distractions and peace as your baby gets used to their new surroundings We say be led by your child and if they seem eager to explore, help them out by providing an environment rich in interesting sights and sounds.