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Sorting And Ordering

Toddlers are often drawn to sorting games, or activities in which they can create their own sense of order. Sorting is an early form of maths,  by categorising and sorting - be it to their own criteria or one that is established by their game or task  - children are exploring the idea that some things can be the same while others are different. Loose parts and nested toys such as boxes and Russian dolls are great to have around for this type of activity, as well as sorting games such as Connect 4 and puzzles, which require orderd and logical thinking.  The greater their early understanding and dexterity in simple sorting games and activities the more likely they are to enjoy and understand maths later on. Other games such as spot the difference help develop memory and visual assessment skills, while activities such as tidying up brings the abstract concept of order into a real life context. When children begin to learn colours and shades, these can also be incorporated into their sorting and ordering activities.