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Toys for Newborns

Soft toys

What’s happening?

New babies are busy developing awareness of the outside world, realising they have bodies that move and are distinct from others. High contrast mobiles, gyms and toys with sounds they can track, like bells and crinkle paper, will stimulate their senses. Natural woods and organic cottons are safe and provide soft textures to discover.

Five essential toys for newborns

mobile: a mobile suspended above a cot or pram provides vital visual stimulation, helping your baby’s eyes to develop focus and control. Go for high-contrast, black and white images and a mobile that allows you to change the pictures so it never gets dull.

rattle: even if they can’t yet hold it themselves, a rattle shaken by you helps your baby learn to track sounds. As eyesight develops, a rattle or grasper with visible moving parts such as beads, links sights and sounds, showing them cause and effect and giving them a great sense of accomplishment when they do finally get to shake it themselves.

baby gym: gyms teach babies to move and grasp. They also help develop midline play, where hands come together in the middle. Hang high-contrast pictures and toys from the bar, and place toys like musical balls or graspers to the side, so your baby can learn to roll.

mirror: babies like to study faces; a mirror helps them become familiar with their own facial expressions and to develop self-awareness. Mirrors can also help develop focus and sight control.

soft toy: a soft toy provides a reassuring presence in the buggy or cot. Choose one with a kind, warm expression, made in soft natural materials, and it’s sure to become a special friend and a firm favourite for many years.

If you do one thing

Sing lullabies. The simple melodies of a traditional lullaby such as Hush, Little Baby, don’t only provide comfort and reassurance, they help your baby’s hearing develop and lay the foundations for the musicality of everyday speech later on.