Young children often enjoy posting items. The instinct to ‘disappear’ something is part of the enveloping schema. A game of Postman is doubly great because it combines enveloping with another schema: transporting. Many children enjoy the act of busily moving something from A to B. In Postman, you can combine these two urges in one fun game and throw in some maths and fine-motor skills on the way. All you need to do is:

  • Fill a sack or bag with objects (see Wrapping Presents DIY activity for inspiration)
  • Put numbers or names or pictures on various doors inside and out 
  • Pretend to be the postman or a delivery driver or even Father Christmas 
  • Deliver them to people and places around the house

Postman tips: Older children can wrap items and label them. Five year-olds might even manage an address. Introduce maths with door numbers etc. Keep the focus on fun and don’t worry too much about perfect wrapping or labels.

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