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One Hundred Toys The 100 Toys Guide to Independent Play


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As a child, you remember sitting for hours, making your own fun. Sometimes with toys, sometimes without. All you really needed was your imagination.

But your own children find it more difficult. Why can’t they focus like you used to be able to?

You feel like you have to be with them constantly.

Switching on the television will do the trick. But they’ve already watched it today. And you worry that it’s affecting their ability to focus.

How can you help your child to have all the fun you did without being at their side all day?

The answer is independent play.

The benefits of independent play for children (and us!) are significant. The child who can play happily under his or her own steam for an extended period of time, is one who has confidence in their own abilities and is able to think creatively and problem-solve from an early age. They can focus and persevere with tasks because they understand the satisfaction of seeing something through, and have the intellectual resilience to do so. In this sense, successful independent play lays strong foundations for a positive experience at school.

With all these benefits to boast of - happier, more rested mums and dads, children who can play contentedly while also developing so many vital skills - a culture of independent play at home is a win-win situation for everyone.

If you’re interested in upping your child’s independent play time but don’t know where to start, this guide is the perfect introduction to the subject. It’s full of information and advice on how to prepare your child and home for independent play, ideas for activities and troubleshooting tips for when you need a bit of extra help.

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