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7 Days to Fewer, Better Toys

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Does it sometimes seem like your child never plays with their toys? Do you find yourself feeling exasperated that despite their many, many options they never seem to engage fully with any of them, or for very long?

A glut of toys - often multiples of the same type of toy, and often unhelpfully stored - can cause children to feel overwhelmed by their choices. That’s when they lose interest in them and turn to you - the adult - for help and distraction.

Simply setting up your nursery or playroom, or even the whole house, to encourage greater independent play, will save you hours of time and help your child become confident and independent in their play.

Follow our seven-day guide and in just a week you’ll find you have a lot less junk around the place. Plus, you’ll have taken some pretty big steps towards helping your child become an independent and creative thinker.

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