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Adventure Silks £9.99
  • generously-sized playsilk
  • Versatile, strong and beautiful
  • Limitless possibilities for open-ended play

Wilderness Adventure Silks are large play silks in subtle two-tone combinations. Designed with small world play in mind, their names suggest a starting point but the you can use them in any way your imagination takes you. Play silks are surprisingly versatile and hard-working toys that can be used across all types of play, from dressing up and role play, to dens, small-world settings and imaginative play. Silk is an incredibly durable natural fibre that can withstand plenty of full-throttle playtime, washes easily and dries in a jiffy.  It shimmers, shines and filters light in a very pleasing way, and can be warming in winter and cooling in the sunshine. Adventure Silks come in a range of naturally-inspired colours and tones, bringing nuanced and life-like shades to all your imaginative role-play and dressing-up games. Our play silks come in a larger-than-average 1m square and are made from the highest quality 100% silk, that feels both delicate and luxurious to touch. Your Adventure Silk comes in a tough cardboard tube where it can be stored for safekeeping when it’s not in play.

Care instructions: handwash play silks in lukewarm water with a small amount of delicate-friendly liquid detergent. Lightly swish for five minutes and rinse well. If machine washing, choose a gentle, cold-water cycle.

Silk dimensions: 100 cm x 100 cm

Tube dimensions W 67 mm H 164 mm D 67 mm

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4.60 Average

5 Reviews


I didn’t appreciate the play potential the tubes give when I first bought these. Now I display them on the shelves in the tubes which are also used as a part of play, boots for a doll, a hiding place for other toys, but also my one year old loves to pull the silk out of the tube, I put it back in, she pulls it out again. So yes silks add a lot to small world play but the tubes these come in add even more!


Absolutely beautiful silks and nicely decorated packaged. Can not wait to let the kids play with it.


So I got a selection of these for my three-year old’s small world play and they add so much. So far I have put out the green (wood) one and the running river. She uses the green alongside her tinker tray to make a forest (mainly her grapat trees and cones, stones, mini pine cones and a few blocks as logs) then lays the running river silk next to it and puts the grimm’s water waves on top, it looks great and she’s been using them daily since we got them. Fantastic addition to her small world play.


Beautifully packaged silks. Gorgeous colours. Very soft. As always great service from 100toys!

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