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Cardboard castle

One Hundred Toys

Who doesn't love a cardboard castle? To make your own at home, you will need:

1 cardboard box
4 x kitchen-paper or wrapping-paper rolls
scissors or a craft knife (for adults only!)


Cardboard is often too stiff for little hands to cut themselves so if young helpers would like to participate, give them the finished pieces to decorate while you work on the rest.


1. Cut the flaps off the cardboard box

2. Cut out the battlements from the top edge of the box

3. Do the same for the four towers

4. Mark out the castle door with a pencil and cut out, making sure to leave the ‘hinges’ uncut. For double doors, leave hinges on both sides.

5. Measure the height of the castle walls and draw a line of equal length upwards from the base of the first tower.

6. Draw a second, parallel line, 3 cm from the first. You should have two identical lines rising up from the bottom of the tower.

7. Cut along each line. The tower will now have a long flap running down one side.

8. Repeat steps 5 - 7 for all four towers.

9. Slide each tower down over a corner of the castle, keeping the flap on the inside and the rest of the roll on the outside.


You can also draw or cut out windows and arrow-slits and add a drawbridge or keep. You can also add further stretches of wall and buildings in order to create a fortified town. 

Have fun!

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