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Clothes-hanger Puppets

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Keep an old shoe box and put any spare buttons, corks, beads, cotton reels, pasta shapes and anything else you can thread, in there. Throw in some string, scissors and anything you think could help create a character, like sequins or bits of fabric. This is your own bespoke puppet-making kit, ready to come to the rescue on any rainy day.

You can use the pieces in your kit to design and create your own puppet - it could be a character from a book, or a made-up monster - and thread them together with your wool or string. Working out how they will all move and not fall apart is part of the fun. What sort of personality has it got? Is it smiling or scary? Happy or sad?

Once your puppet is made, attach it to a coat hanger ( wooden ones with metal clips are especially good as they tend to be slightly smaller and have the clips there, but any will work with string or rubber bands) and ta-dah - you have your own puppet.

Now you can make up your stories, put on shows, build a puppet theatre from a cardboard box or stage a show from under the kitchen table.

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