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Discovery Bottles

One Hundred Toys

Consider this activity an early introduction to test tubes and microscopes - young scientists will love observing and analysing the evidence in these simple bottles.

To make discovery bottles you’ll need some old plastic water bottles with their lids still in tact. Once you’ve filled them you’ll need to fit the lid on tightly. If you’re filling them with liquids it’s probably best to make it extra secure with PVA and strong tape.

Then simply fill your bottles with different items. You can make sound shakers with rice or marbles in one, dried beans or sand in another. Choose things that make distinctly different sounds. Can you create a tune with them all?

You can also fill them with liquids of different viscosity, helping them understand that by tipping bottle upside down, some liquids slip down more slowly than others: water, honey, oil, fairy liquid. Observe what happens when shaken. Sequins, crystals or glitter in the liquids will give it an extra sparkle, food colouring makes them look great as a collection.

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