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Old Maid

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Don't get left holding the Old Maid card!


  1. Shuffle and deal all the cards. Players hold their cards as a hand, so that others cannot see the faces.
  2. Each player looks for matching pairs in his hand and puts them face up on the table.
  3. The youngest player begins by turning to the player on her left and choosing one card from that player’s hand. If the drawn card matches one in the youngest player’s hand, she places the pair on the table. If it does not match any of her cards, she keeps it in her hand.
  4. Play proceeds to the left. The next player draws a card from the hand of the player to his left and follows the rules above.
  5. Play continues, going around the table to the left until all the pairs have been matched and laid on the table.
  6. At this point the game is over and the player who is left holding the Old Maid is the loser

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