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Wobbly Stacking Tower [Blue-Green]

Grimm's £11.21
An all-time classic, Grimm's Blue-Green Wobbly Stacking Tower makes a perfect first birthday gift. This is a time when babies are developing greater gross and fine motor control and are beginning to recognise colours. At first, simply removing the discs presents a challenge but soon they are swept off with ease and the complicated task of replacing them on the stack can be attempted. Then, after many months, the final test is to reassemble the colours in order - difficult even for a two year-old. A toy with long-lasting play value.
Dimensions H 13 cm

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5.00 Average

2 Reviews

Tish S.

Lasts for years. A must for development and motor coordination.

Heather G.

So much fun, so created and a great intro to STEM - my 1 yr old loves it as much as my 13 and 14 yr old. Well worth it

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